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Illustration & storytelling 

Step into the enchanting world of my children's book, where every page is a canvas of imagination and wonder. I've poured my heart into not just writing the whimsical tale, but also illustrating each scene to captivate young minds. It's a labor of love that combines storytelling with art, creating a magical experience that kids—and the young at heart—will cherish. 

MOn corps est un palais

Once upon a time, there was a child of Mother Earth. A little prince who so strongly desired that all living beings be happy, and who is often called Shakyamuni. Once upon another time, very close to here, was one of the countless children of this prince. A little prince who became a king. It could just as well be a little princess who became a queen. It's possible that this queen or king is you. Of course, as a king, it's logical that you possess a magnificent palace: your body! At the heart of your Palace, hides a treasure: room 9.

Ainsi nait la chenille!

A charming little book filled with warmth for the very young, featuring a caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly.

l'Arbre éphémère

A captivating tale for the "Maintenant!" festival that unfolds the legend of a tree that returns annually to celebrate ecological transformation.

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