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Rouge C


Under the alias ROUGE C, I delve into the meditative art of Japanese-inspired painting. With sumi ink and paper as my canvas, each stroke is a dance of emotion and precision. It's my secret garden, a place where tradition meets personal expression, creating pieces that are as serene as a Zen garden and as impactful as a Haiku. So come along, and explore the quieter, more introspective side of me.

A Propos: Bienvenue
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« The best way to predict the future is to create it. »

Peter Drucker

Rouge C.

Rouge C. represents the fusion of Western fairy tales, like a love story between Red Riding Hood and her Wolf, combined with the allure of Japanese cinnabar lacquer.

Instinctively and experimentally inspiring others. Armed with my brushes, I playfully explore the diversity of materials. Enamored with ink, and captivated by the hues of red and black.

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sumi ink & paper

Drawing on all surfaces, across all materials. 

Delighted to see the ink eagerly absorb into the paper.

Passionate about the paper with its scents, textures, vulnerabilities, and imperfections.

Enthralled by the ink—its aroma, its reactions, its movements. It's the medium that guides me, that captivates me.

Quick Sketches and Impressions

The lines assert themselves in a feverish moment—swift, vivid, emotional, gestural. At times, mirrored through monotype impressions of one another, the drawing is reworked and reinterpreted.


Poetry and tenderness

Because Poetry is the mother of tenderness,
Because in the arms of the Tender lies vulnerability,
Because in the hand of Love resides softness.

From ink springs life.

In this earthy aroma, brushes dive and dance across the paper.

Pigments occasionally join in.

Nature is ever-present.

The wild, childhood, the woman.

Themes intertwine in turn to convey emotion.

Le chaperon revient de loin. Perdu dans

The Wolf and Red Riding Hood


Portraits capture not just physical appearances but also the essence, emotions, and soul of the subject. They can be rendered in various mediums—ink, paint, digital formats—and styles, from realistic to abstract. In the context of business, especially in the design trends prevalent in Belgium and France, portraits can serve as a powerful tool for personal branding or storytelling. They can evoke empathy, add depth to a brand's narrative, and make digital interactions more human and relatable. Would you like to know more about specific types of portraits or how they can be effectively used in design or marketing?

les animaux 

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