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Roll out the red carpet for my indie cinema UI template! This project was my sandbox for turning wireframes into a functional and eye-catching UI design. Sure, it's a study exercise, but it's also a love letter to ethical and culturally meaningful design. I aimed to capture the essence of indie cinema while keeping UX best practices in the director's chair. It's not Cannes, but it's my own little film festival in pixels!

Surface Laptop Studio.jpg


Welcome to my UX/UI playground! I'm still learning the ropes, but I'm all about making pixels play nice with your clicks. It's not quite a Brussels chocolate truffle yet, but hey, even waffles started as just batter! Ready to see what I'm mixing up?" 🍫

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Web App


Ever felt like your artistic spirit is a tank, ready to roll out masterpieces but stuck in the garage?  Say goodbye to creative blocks and hello to CreaTimer, the only app designed to manage your creative firepower like it's a fleet of tanks!


Whether you’re a painter plotting your next big mural or a writer maneuvering through writer's block, our app ensures your creative tanks are well-oiled and battle-ready. With features like Idea Ammo Storage, Inspiration Radar, and Paintbrush Platoon, you'll never miss a target deadline again.

Creatimer: Because even creative geniuses need a little fire(power) in their belly! Download now and let your creativity roll out in style!

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Feast your eyes on the mood board and style guide—the storyboard and script of my indie cinema UI project! Here, colors, fonts, and icons come together in a harmonious blend, setting the stage for a user experience that's as engaging as an indie film festival. It's where aesthetics meet function, and where my design vision takes its first bow.

car Interface

 I Car dashboard 

Rev your engines for this next act—a UI design for a car-sharing company! Think of it as the 'Uber' of car interfaces, but with a sustainable twist. This project was my playground for merging eco-friendly vibes with user-centric design. I aimed to make the interface so intuitive, even your grandma could go from 0 to 60 in user experience. It's where green meets go, all wrapped up in a sleek, digital dashboard!

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Connected Watch 

Time to tickle your tech taste buds with this Apple Watch complication! Imagine having the power of a Swiss Army knife, but on your wrist and without the risk of cutting yourself. This project was a delightful challenge in minimalism and functionality, squeezing essential features into a tiny screen without making it feel like a clown car. It's the epitome of 'small but mighty,' making your wrist the smartest part of your outfit. 


Design System 

Behold the design system that makes this Apple Watch complication tick! It's the secret sauce that ensures every pixel is in its right place, making your wristwear as smart as it is stylish. Think of it as the blueprint for wrist wizardry!


Step into the digital playground with this wireframe for a primary school website! It's the blueprint that lays the groundwork for a user-friendly, educational adventure. Designed with little fingers and big imaginations in mind, this wireframe is the first step in making learning as fun as recess.


Meet Cindy, Sophie, and David—the trio of parent personas who are on a quest to find the perfect school for their little ones. They guided me in crafting a wireframe that's as welcoming as a PTA bake sale and as informative as parent-teacher night.

by Showzi Tsukamoto

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