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About me

"Sure, I can't cram my life's magnum opus into a tweet-sized blurb, but here's the snack-sized version of my recent design escapades!"

What I do? 

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UX UI Design

Ah, designing interfaces for me is like a Belgian brewing a perfect Trappist beer— each pixel carefully fermented to user-friendly perfection! I'm the Hercule Poirot of your project, minus the mustache, keen to unravel the mystery of your vision. Think of me as the waffle chef of design: crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and delightful all around. Ready to elevate those user objectives to the level of a Magritte painting—surreal, yet unmistakably Belgian?



For me, prototyping is like stepping into a Wonderland where grey skies turn technicolor and static images burst into life. It's like being a DJ at Tomorrowland, but instead of beats, I'm mixing colors, animations, and user flows. Each click is a firework, each transition a dance move.


Team Manager

Being a team manager is like being the conductor of a jazz band—everyone's got their own instrument, but we're all jamming to the same tune. Whether I'm crafting designs or orchestrating a website, it's all about harmony and flexibility. I'm a fan of the agile groove, where everyone's riffing together, mistakes are just solos in disguise, and communication is the beat that keeps us in sync. Scrum? Collective intelligence? Those are my go-to chords for any successful gig.


Illustration, Painting & Storytelling

Imagine if a Japanese ink painting and a children's storybook had a baby, and that baby grew up to be a stand-up comedian who doodles iconic images on the side. That's my art in a nutshell—equal parts zen, whimsy, and a twist of humor!

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